Rachel Schmidt
Spiritual Life Coach


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Testimonials from People I've Coached
"Rachel is fantastic! I am discerning the priesthood, and she has assisted me with my discernment process. She has offered me practical advice in regards to my own spiritual growth and has kept me grounded and empathetic in various situations pertaining to my personal life!"
- Maureen Wood
"Rachel is an unbelievably supportive, kind, and loving friend and mentor with a passion for helping others live full, rich lives of authenticity. What stands about Rachel is her ability to meet you where you are - both as a friend and mentor - and encourage you to do that for yourself too. She is open about her experiences with mental health issues and alcohol abuse, which helps you to feel affirmed in your journey. I think spending time with Rachel and sharing your story with her is one of the best things you could do for yourself right now."
-Chelsea Moubarak
What is Spiritual Life Coaching?
Spiritual life coaching is about setting life goals and working through challenges and blocks.
My role is to be a guide and an arrow that points towards tools that bring healing and peace.
About Rachel
I've been on a spiritual path, well really all my life, but in particular, the last four years. Deep convos about religion have always struck my fancy, and I studied philosophy and earned a B.A. & M.A. in theology. But the real turning point in my spiritual life was May 18, 2013 when I took my last sip of alcohol, and since then I've been learning how to live life on life's terms in the care of a power greater than myself aka God. Through my transformation has come the call to offer support and guidance to those feeling that empty ache within. We all tend to cling to things outside of us that offer immediate gratification, but what we all really want is to be restored to peace and joy. As your spiritual life coach, I'll help you remember that inner peace, no matter what.

Rachel Schmidt, Spiritual Life Coach >>> P.O. Box 56062 Washington D.C. 20040 >>> rachschm@gmail.com