How to Remember Who You Truly Are


Why I Meditate

I forget. I return. I forget. I come back.

I just meditated, and now I’m starting to write. I feel buzzy and lovely and good at the moment, but there are so many times that I forget how good I am. I don’t even want to say the words, but those times I feel mucky, yucky, and overwhelmed. I get confused and don’t know where I’m going in life. But right now, after utilizing the tool of meditation I feel connected and tuned-in to the love within me.

I feel at peace and blissed out. The only thing that matters is right now. I’m watching my two cats' bellies go up and down as they peacefully sleep, and it seems like the most serene thing in the world. I’m paying attention to my hollow feeling of hunger, and I’m excited to go make lunch. I think sesame noodles sound like the thing for today!

I feel like there is no need to rush, “No need to hurry...No need to be anybody but oneself,” in this very moment at this very time (Virginia Woolf). I’m just happy to be in-the-now right now. I have gratitude for this very moment. I want everyone to feel like this.

All I need to do is the next right thing, because I’m already at peace. The next right thing for today is to make lunch. Yum! I love lunch. And then I’ll determine the next right thing after that, which might be reading a book, journalling, or posting this blog.

Before I meditated, I had the thought to read a book, journal, or post a blog, but it was from a depleted sense of “I have to do these things!!!!” accompanied with a sense of overwhelm and a feeling of not being good enough as I am. I forgot that I’m completely good enough as I am and that beauty flows from that until I meditated and reconnected to who I really am.

We forget so often that we are here to love and be loved, and we cut off all the beautiful, loving possibilities of life when we forget to connect with the love we already are. This love within us is infinite, unchanging, and always there. We just forget that it’s there.

I’m glad I’m not forgetting at this moment. It’s a beautiful, spiritual, cozy space to occupy. It makes life so buzzy and fun. I’m grateful to remember. I’m sure to forget again sometime soon, because I’m a human. However, I have a lot of great support including a life coach, mentors, and a great community to help me remember the love again. I’ll remember and forget. Remember and forget. I don’t judge myself for the forgets. I am grateful for and honor the remembers.

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